Shit on Blue

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I changed the title so as not to cause copyright problems

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by captainclown3 49 years ago

You got me there zooboy!! I cant hold a candle to your betamax shit!!

by zooboy7 49 years ago

my god your like a little girl just because i refused to have you as a friend . your videos are crap manufactured that you can see on any 2 bit web site . have you ever had any k9 first hand experience ? part from watching two dogs shagging on a street corner . keep uploading your doggie dildoing crap where the poor dog does not even have a hard on . some of my stuff maybe only 30 seconds long but at least its done by real people who enjoy the company of their k9s .

by captainclown3 49 years ago

Notice I don't make you add me as a friend and beg like a bitch to watch the best videos on Brutal5...